Top five golf gloves: professionals choice

Along with golf sets and balls, the two more essential equipment for golf are shoes and gloves. Gloves are not discussed as the other golf equipment. Surprisingly there is a variety of golf glove available in the market. Comfort and better grip is the main reason to wear a glove, and it creates extra friction between the hand and club, the glove also helps in preventing the club turn in hands. And the best part is, glove saves hand from damages after back to back hitting.

Like other golf equipment, there are basic, medium, premium models of golf gloves. As long as golf glove is concerned, the player will be excellent with value, if s/he is not a regular golfer. The more one plays golf, the more they will get regarding breathability, comfort, and grip. And professional golfers will never compromise on this.

Golfers wear the glove in their lead hand; it should be neither too tight nor too loose. It must be fit to the hand. Let’s see the qualities of the five best golf gloves available in the market:

FootJoy Pro FLX

This glove comes with high comfortability and lightness, and it is manufactured with Microvent FiberSof, which provides breathability and moisture control. Along the knuckles, there is PowerNet Mesh, which is the best for ventilation, and this glove is the best for those having sweaty hands. This glove also provides improved flexibility and cool comfort along with maximum grip.

Taylormade Tour Prefered

Taylormade Tour Preferred is one of the top gloves available, and it is famous among the professional golfers. It provides excellent comfort with grip along with breathability and fresh feeling. It is made by AAA Cabretta SoftTech and has a great wristband and anti-moisture quality.

Titleist Players

Titleist Players glove is also among the top golf gloves, and it provides all the features a good glove can have. Made from the Ethiopian leather and tanned Cabretta gives the excellent grip, lightness, high level of comfortability, the best dryness, and durable wristband. Its superior material is a crucial difference with other brands. Titleist Players glove is durable and long-lasting.

Wilson Staff FG Tour

Wilson Staff FG Tour glove is an extremely comfortable one, and it is made from a relatively thin and durable Abyssinian leather mixed with Cabretta. It provides excellent traction due to its different tanning processes named Tack Teck. Its durability and breathability are matchless.

Callaway Tour Authentic

Callaway Tour Authentic golf is manufactured with premium leather, which is tanned by the Griptac process. It provides excellent elasticity and quick dryness. Its inside material absorbs sweat quickly, and the ventilation system keeps hand cool and dry.

Some other Mentionable names:

FootJoy Pure touch, Cobra PUR Tour, Ping Tour, Mizuno Golf Elite and Ed Young Camo 1