Help with conference bookings?

Our experience will help you save time.

We know that conferences can be time-consuming to arrange. Rooms are to be booked, accommodation and dinner arrangements to be planned, invitations to be sent, attendance lists and namesheets to be presented. The to-do list can be done long.

For over 20 years, we have helped our customers to book conferences and meetings. We have both the knowledge and the skills to ensure that you are able to surrender the time-consuming work to us.

We do what we are best at – while giving time to something else.

Examples of what we can help with at Timetomeet:

  • Booking of premises, lodging and dinner arrangements
  • A complete budgeting for the entire event
  • Design and mailing of digital and postal invitations
  • Building a notification web link linked from your website
  • Participant Confirmation in Reverse Email
  • Billing
  • Reconciliation with check on all cancellation rules
  • Design and printing of namesheets and attendance lists
  • Hostesses in place at the conference
  • Digital evaluation that can be sent already the day after the completed arrangements
  • An economic summary after implementation

We will be happy to help you design a notification web for your event where confirmation is generated
Direct and different payment solutions can be arranged.